Free $5 Amazon Gift Card

Hey – I just signed up to get early access to Bestow and thought you’d be interested! Bestow gives you access to life insurance from an A+ rated company in about 5 minutes all online. They use technology, not needles or phone calls and paperwork, so you can get a policy in about 5 minutes. No medical exam. With policies starting under $3/month, it’s a better way to enjoy life, not worry about it.

If you join the waitlist, Bestow will pay your first 2 months of coverage once they launch and you’re approved. And use my link to sign up so we’ll both get $5 Amazon gift cards!


Excluded States: Unfortunately, Bestow is not able to offer the first two months premium at no cost in the following states: Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota.  Residents from those states who apply can still purchase a policy if approved, and cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund. Bestow is not licensed to do business in New York.

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