Free Karma Golden Turmeric Cashews

Score a Free Karma Golden Turmeric Cashews with Social Nature.

These Golden Turmeric Wrapped cashews include their natural skin. The perfect blend of exotic turmeric and chili, air-roasted without oil. Keeping the skin increases the crunch, elevates the flavor, and enhances nutrition.

The mission of Karma® Nuts is simple – put goodness into the world whenever you can. Whether that be fueling your body with healthy food, helping out those less fortunate, or showing a bit of kindness to a stranger – we believe that goodness comes full circle and we put our heart into everything that we do. In 2014 Karma Nuts introduced a line of minimally processed cashews, including the Wrapped® cashew (the most delectable, crunchy, and nutritionally-dense cashew) which was developed by the Nair family leveraging their 85+ years of experience in the cashew business.

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