Make Money

Earn $10 From Appoptix USA

Hello Friends,

Get started in three simple steps:

1) Download the Android Application from Google Play.
2) Register to the program using a valid e-mail.
3) Complete your profile and start collecting rewards. You may earn up to $50 in Amazon gift cards per year.

Note: Currently only US participants are eligible to the program.


Congratulations! You are qualified to participate in Strategy Analytics’ AppOptix consumer research panel.

You get 100 points per month (+100 points for finishing your profile), $10 GC is 300 points, so its only $3.33 per month.  Still, I can run these both whenever my battery can handle it.


AppOptix is an app that runs in the background of your phone and pays out in Amazon gift cards every time you reach 300 points.  300 points equals $10.  You earn up to $50/year with it.

It is limited to one device per account.  No limit to number of accounts per household.  I use it and my wife uses it on her phone so we bring in $100/year with it.  Once you’re account is approved, download the app and get started.

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