Free Luxury Beauty Mask

Free Luxury Beauty Mask

We have an exclusive opportunity for you to try the luxury skincare brand, ReVive.  They just launched Masque de Radiance.  A fabulous, luxury mask that retails for $150.00.

This rich, soufflé-like mask gives skin an energizing, moisturizing boost as it turns from pearlescent white to a shimmering shade of gold. Infused with Vitamin C and energy-building block ATP, it helps skin to look radiant and refreshed. As dull skin is removed, skin is left feeling soft and smooth, while brightness and clarity are also improved. This luxurious mask now includes a dual-applicator to invigorate skin with a gentle massage. 🌟

Consumer Testing Highlights:
In a consumer research study 100% of panelists agreed that Masque de Radiance:

  • Makes skin feel soft
  • Makes skin surface feel smooth
  • Makes skin look brighter and revived
  • Makes skin tone more even
  • After 1 week of use as directed!



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